Top 10 best shaving creams for safety razors 2020

best shaving creams for men
best shave creams for razor

Shaving cream acts as a lubricant which gives a comfortable shave for manual razor shaver. Without a shaving cream, you are more chance to get little cuts and you could feel there are tiny stubbles left after dry shave.

Here are some reasons why I prefer a shaving cream.

. Enjoyment: Having a good shave just like having a good meal which it not only tastes good, it also provides enough nutritional. I like the warm lather feeling and soft brush against the skin. Moreover, the variety of fragrances are amazing for refreshing.

. Effectiveness: using warm water and a brush with a little amount of shaving cream can give a true lather.

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best shaving cream for men

Nivea Men Sensitive Lather Shaving Cream

  • Nivea is the world best Men’s skin care brand. The most important factor for Nivea to stay on top of men’s skin care industry is their special formula. Which is carefully created from best natural ingredients that works great for men with all skin types.
  • It is excellent foaming with a brush or you can apply a little amount of the cream directly by hand.
  • The tube is not too big which is very convenience for travel.
  • A combination of Chamomile and Witch Hazel helps to smooth and refreshing the skin. It also does not dry facial skin.
  • Very affordable price and a little amount goes a long way for daily shaver.
  • No drying alcohols, no harsh chemicals. It’s a best option for men with sensitive skin.
best shaving cream for men

Geo F Trumper Sandalwood

  • It’s made by the world’s most celebrated gentlemen’s hairdresser Geo F.Trumper. The shop is at No 9 Cuzon Street in the heart of London’s Mayfair.
  • The cream is formulated from traditional recipe that provides a great lather. Just a small amount you can get a good quality foam for comfortable shave. Works best with a brush.
  • Awesome fragrance. (recommend Sandalwood scent)
  • A jar lasts for a long time.
best shaving cream for men

Cremo original Shave Cream

  • Giving you a comfortable shave with a thin film of lubrication. It doesn’t matter which type of razor blade that you use.
  • Cream is formulated to help fighting skin irritation, razor burn and protect your skin.
  • It is made from the top best combination of natural ingredient such as, macadamia seed oils, Aloe, papaya extract, lemon extract, calendula extract and olive leaf.
  • No harsh chemicals,
  • It’s a great option for men with sensitive skin.
  • A tube could last for up to 6 months with very affordable price.
best shaving cream for men

Proraso Shaving cream.

  • A high-quality Italian made cream that is trusted by most barbershop for nearly a century.
  • It is formulated from natural plant base oils which help to reduce skin irritation.
  • Great scent of refreshing from menthol and eucalyptus oil.
  • A small amount goes a long way.
  • Adding more water and you will get an excellent lather.
  • Considering of the luxury quality you’re getting from the cream the price is absolutely great.
  • Very easy to use for all shavers.
  • No harsh chemicals so it’s a good choice for sensitive skin.
best shaving cream for men

Neutrogena men’s shaving cream

  • Dermatologist recommended shaving cream for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin.
  • The rick and thick lather provide great comfort and protect your skin from razor burn and ingrown hairs.
  • The new pro-soothe technology helps fighting against skin irritation.
  • The best shaving scream for all type of safety razors.
  • It has a slight lotion scent.
  • No harsh chemicals, dye-free in the formula which help to increase skin healthy look.
  • A little big goes a long way.
  • Work excellent in an extremely close shave without breakouts.
best shaving cream for men

Pacific Natural shaving cream

  • It comes in a small tube size that makes more convenience for traveling men.
  • This cream had made shaving so easily for beginner shaver.
  • Awesome scent from a bunch of natural extracted essential oils. (lightly refreshing smell)
  • A little goes a long way. A tub could last up to 100 shaves.
  • This American made cream is formulated from plant-based ingredient without synthetic fragrances and parabens. It helps to improve your skin healthy look and smooth the shave.
  • The best vegan recipe on the market. A great combination of aloe, shea butter, natural glycerin, seed oil, white tea, mix of natural essential oils extracts. Vitamin E, A & D.. delivery the best shaving experience for all skin types.
  • No more razor bumps or ingrown hairs.
  • Very good value of money for all the natural ingredients.
best shaving cream for men

CO Bigelow premium

  • A small amount goes a long way.
  • It comes with a small size travel tube that is a best option for saving space while traveling.
  • You just need to lather a little bit first between your hands then apply. You can find that this old school style lathering works awesome.
  • It performs an excellent job of providing a smooth and comfortable shave.
  • A great combination natural ingredients of coconut oils, menthol and Eucalyptus helps to protect all skin types from irritation and refresh the healthy look skin.
  • Product has been trusted by most Italian barbers.
  • For this high quality product, the price isn’t expensive.
  • Good scent, not too strong.
best shaving cream for men

Everymen Jack Shave Cream

  • If you have trouble with close shave then this Everymen Jack Cream will help you achieve the best experience without hurting your skin.
  • It’s made from natural plant based which includes olive oils to keep skin hydration, chamomile to smooth and natural glycerin to hell the skin.
  • No razor bumps or burns after a few shaves with the cream.
  • It’s made from USA from responsibly source and cruelty free.
  • Very easy to use and easy to raise off with water.
best shaving cream for men

Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream

  • This English classic shaving cream will deliver a superior close shave without irritating the skin. In addition, Taylor of Old Bond Street is a well known brand since 1984.
  • Amazing masculine scent of Sandalwood which is blended from geranium, lavender, rosemary, liquid amber, carnation, fern and orange blossom and base of patchouli, sandalwood and rock rose.
  • Recommending Works best with a brush. Just a small dab will quickly work into a great lather for shaving. Tips: when you apply the cream, rub it around as far as possible to make it cover better.
  • No irritation, Cuts or nicks from normal blade drag.
  • It’s a light cream product so you can easy raise out your razor perfectly.
  • A little does go a long way with an affordable price.
Best shaving cream for men

Truefitt & Hill

  • Over 2 centuries gentlemen traditional brand in London. They make the best finest luxury product for men grooming.
  • Whipping up well in a bow with a brush, providing a soft glide over your face.
  • Unique scent of luxury perfume. Sandalwood is the most popular one for men.
  • This Authentic shaving cream is free from parabens, alcohol and sulphate. Which is a best choice for all skin types.
  • This Shaving Cream is received the most positive review from customers across the internet. It has been recommended by most men.
  • The ultimate Cream is formulated from natural Lavender oils and glycerin is designed to moisturize and heal the skin.
  • Don’t compare the price with the quality you will get. A little goes a long way and worth every dollar.

What happens if you shave without shaving cream?

When it comes to shaving then there are multiple options available for men to use as lubricants on their skin. You might have experienced a situation when you are not having enough time for proper shaving and end up to dry shaving.

Well, it is a pretty bad mistake. It is because you will be left with bumps, mini cuts and other irritation signs. Here we have brought information about what will happen if you shave without a shaving cream. 

All about horrors of shaving without a shaving cream

When you are shaving your face, the razor blades can be pretty harmful on the skin which doesn’t have a shaving cream applied on. It cans lead to a long-term effect of redness and itchiness. Even more, it can also result in ingrown hair and acne that can be irritable and painful.

Here we made a list of some worst things could happen for shaving without a shaving cream can affect your skin:

Shredded skin 

When you don’t apply any shaving cream product on your face before shaving then you are skipping the most important steps of shaving. That is keeping the moisture for facial skin to protect from razor burn and bumps. 

Dry shave without shaving cream, you are dragging the blade against your skin directly, which will easy to shred and tug it. 

It stings 

If you don’t use any shaving cream product then there are more chances that you will have an experience from a stinging sensation. Although, this would end up within a few days in some cases. To avoid inevitable stinging sensation, it is better to say “No” to shave without a shaving cream. 

Dried skin 

Applying a shaving cream is not just allow the razor an easier glide, but it also helps in keeping your skin moisturize. Not using a shaving cream can end up drying out your skin seriously and will leave it look flaky and dull

Razor burns and bumps 

When you end up with a dry shaving, you are making a change for razor burns and bumps to take place. You can experience with itchiness and small red bumps. Therefore, to get a comfortable shave and avoid razor burns and bumps, make sure to apply a shaving cream product. 

Pro tips for shaving your beard:

  1. To get effective shaving results without any redness, itchiness or cuts, it is important to find the right shaving combo which is suitable your beard and skin type.
  2. Then apply a good shaving cream to help soften your beard as it can work wonder to fight against irritation. 
  3. Checking your razor blades if they are look faded then it is time for new blades.
  4. Make sure to shave your designated area in the opposite direction to hair growth. Changing directions that’s comfortable for you with even pressure.
  5. However, once you are done with shaving, make sure to apply a moisturizer product to keep the skin healthy and smooth. 

Personally, I prefer true lather which made from shaving cream with a brush and water. Therefore, no matter what, I always make some time to shave properly with a shaving cream. It makes a lot easier to shave, feels good and smells good as well.

Type of shaving products, shaving cream, shaving foam, shaving gel, shaving soap, shaving butter

When it comes to shaving for men face, then the biggest concern is the best shaving products to consider. It is because using the right type of shaving cream can help protecting your skin from razor burns, itchiness, bumps, flakes, redness, ingrown hair, acnes and much more.

Today, most men now are looking to invest in better quality shaving products but there are so many different types of shaving products for men on the market.  We can’t specify one as fit for all options. It is because selection of the best type of shaving product depends on various factors, including skin type, shaving routine, hair type, etc. 

There is no surprise that each different person may has a different experience with the same shaving product. So, Understanding the advantage of each different product could help you have a better selection.

Different types of shaving products to choose from 

Shaving cream

Shaving creams are the most commonly used type of shaving product. When you shave with a razor, shaving cream is used to help you have a smoothly shave without harming your skin. It also cans provide a good quality of moisture to your skin.

Although there are many various types of shaving products, shaving cream is better than most other options. Use of shaving cream can make the shaving process more comfortable as well as less force is required to cut your hair. 

Shaving cream works best for sensitive skin. Because shaving cream is created a good layer of protection on your skin and that cans help you in minimizing the risk of razor burn, irritation, itchiness, redness and ingrown hairs. Tips, always pick the shaving cream that is made from natural ingredients. 

One more thing, I love about shaving cream are the scents. Most natural shaving creams are made from natural oils and bunch of aromatherapy essential oil blends. Which created an amazing scent of refreshing.

When you get your shaving technique going, it may just a little bit of time consuming than canned stuff. However, using a brush with the cream will give you an awesome lather which feels like a spa treatment.


  1. Shaving cream is easy for beginner as well as offer you a great comfortable shave. 
  2. You can have a luxurious experience with shaving cream. 
  3. Awesome natural masculine fragrances.
  4. Use of shaving creams can keep your skin hydrated. 
  5. These will leave your skin refreshing and soothing. 
  6. Switching to creams based on glycerin can improve the experience of shaving immediately. 


  1. Shaving creams work the best with a shaving brush that takes time. 

Shaving Foam 

Shaving foams are probably what we have grown up with. Shaving foam is packed in bottle which is filled with ¾ air. Shaving foam is made from very basic ingredient and it doesn’t contain any oil in it. So it only offers a thin layer of protection and doesn’t provide enough lubrication like shaving cream.


  1. Shaving foams are easy and convenient to use.
  2. These are offer instant foaming lather.
  3. Shaving foams can smell nice.


  1. Shaving foams dry easily on your face which means you need to apply more to get enough lubrication for blades to glide nicely.
  2. Bunch of mix harmful chemicals.
  3. Don’t provide enough moisture for skin.

Shaving Gel 

Most guys have better experience with shaving gel than foam. It is because these combine lather and moisturizing ingredients to encourage razor glide and soothe your skin without time consuming. What makes a shaving gel stands a part in the crowd is that gels do better job lubricating than other.


  1. Shaving gel keeps your skin clear and makes you able to see what you are shaving. 
  2. You will experience less razor burns, less irritation and less nicks.
  3. Shaving gels are foam free completely and offer smoother application. 


  1. Shaving gels might not work properly with straight razors and safety razors. 
  2. Stay way from those contain alcohol.

Shaving Soap 

This hard soap means to produce lather with the help of a shaving brush. Shaving soaps are made from natural ingredients by cold process or hot process method. Best shaving soaps are handmade soaps which have a superfatting (The use of excess fat in soapmaking to consume the alkai and give more moisturizing effect) then industrial soap. This is the most important factor for sensitive skin.


1. Very affordable compare to other shaving products.

2.  Handmade soaps smell amazing. Greater variety of fragrances to choose.

3. it give a nice lather with warm water and a brush.

4. Handmade natural soap doesn’t contain harmful chemical.

Shaving Butter 

Shaving butter is a lesser-known type of shaving product. It is known as an effective form of dry shaving. It means water isn’t required for shaving product activation. Shaving butter normally contains a smoother texture and translucent just like butter itself. 

Translucency is an upside of this shaving product because it will allow you to see through to hairs which makes the shaving task is easier. Most importantly, you don’t need a shaving brush. You can apply it with your hands. It offers a closer contact between skin surface and razor blade. Therefore, you can have a smoother and closer shaving experience.


  1. Shave butter contain high quality of natural ingredients from plan base and essential oils.
  2. Low lather which makes easier for lining up beards, neck and cheeks.
  3.  Best for close shave and protect your skin from razor burns and nicks

Better stuff is only that which works better for you. Understand your skin type and master your skill of shaving is the key factor to get the best product.