10 best double edge razors for shaving 2020

best double edge razors for shaving
best double edge razors for shaving

As a bald man with a beard, I have my frustrations with shaving. Electric shavers just don’t get the clean shave I’m after, and cartridge razors get clogged too easily — they’re also just wasteful.

I’m sure you’ve got your own reasons to seek a more affordable, more effective, and more enjoyable way to shave. From this desire, we see the popularity of double edge safety razors growing more and more. This is no longer just a retro-niche market. But, if you’re like me, you may find the world of classic safety razors to be uncharted territory.

This article will list and describe six different types of Double-Edged Safety Razors and supply you with a bit of information and list of 10 best recommended double edge razors to help narrow your search and find a better way to shave.

Top 10 best recommended double edge razors for shaving 2020 update

Merkur Mk34c Best Double Edge Razor

Top #1 best razor

4.7 / 5

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1.Merkur Mk34c Double Edge Razor

  • Made in: Germany
  • Material used: Polished Chrome

Merkur is one of the most elegant razors that every shaving enthusiast need and has been recommended by most daily shaver. This Merkur MK34C is short, has a massive head quite heavy, and comes with an extra thick handle so that razor can do its part without much effort, excellency.

Moreover, if you talk about the blades, it uses double edge razor blades, and for sample, the blade is included in the packing for a user-friendly experience. Furthermore, it is easy to use, and till now, it is considered the perfect beginner razor who wants to look impressive and elegant.

Its overall weight is around 77 grams, which is quite high, but it works wonderfully on the face.

2. Baxter of California Safety Razor

  • Made in: Germany
  • Material used: Chrome-plated

The Baxter of California safety razor manufactures coveted objects for years so that you may get an impressive close and comfortable shave. However, this chrome-plated safety razor is made in Germany with a lightweight handle making it beginner-friendly. For years of research, Baxter proud to introduce this razor for all skin type and help in reducing ingrown hairs and also razor burn making it highly durable and long-lasting.

Apart from that, if you talk about safety and portability, it comes in matter black box along with starter blades and teaching cards. On the other hand, you can also use this five starter blade for gifting as well.

3. Merkur Safety Razor 39 C

  • Type: Two-piece razor
  • Made in: Germany
  • Material used Chrome-plated

Manufactured in Solingen, Germany Merkur Safety Razor called 39C is designed by experts for easy cleaning and use. It is a two-piece razor that is chrome plated along with a slant bar head. If you talk about its weight, the handle is extra-long and bit heavy looks like a spiral barber pole, but works very smoothly.

Moreover, the best part of this Merkur 39 C is it can work very well with all types of double-edge blades, which you can say is an excellent feature.

This Merkur Double Edge razor offers the best experience closest possible shaving without harming the skin.

Recommend to paired up with Astra SP and Merkur blades, you will experience great performance without nicks and irritations.

4. New Double Edge Safety Razor

  • Type: Closed Comb
  • Made in: Turkey
  • Material used: Stainless steel

The BBNU&Co Corporation has manufactured this New Double Edge Safety Razor infused with a closed comb so that men can save themselves from cuts, nicks, and razor burns. However, if you talk about the material, it is covered with black satin on the head and base that makes it rust-free.

Moreover, the best part of this razor is it worked best both for beginners and experienced and it comes with ten platinum blades that last for couple months.

Although the weight of this Double edge razor isn’t butterfly one. You need to unscrew the top for adjusting the blades. But it is easy and manageable for smooth closest shaving.

In addition, the kit of this Double razor consists of Closed combed double edge safety razor, gift box, genuine leather pouch for portability, and 10 stainless steel blades.

5. Edwin Jagger Closed Comb Head

  • Type: Closed Comb
  • Made in: England
  • Material used: Zinc alloy and Chrome

Edwin Jagger is another famous brand that manufactures various types of shaving products for men grooming over past 2 decades. If you talk about this Closed Comb Razor, it is manufactured in England, the UK, with Zinc alloy cover and chrome. Featuring this fantastic razor, it is chrome plated comes in three-piece construction and excellent balance, which is well-known for beginners to achieve close shave.

Moreover, this fabulous delivers good comfortable and easy shaving while saving your money on every blade.

Furthermore, this Edwin Jagger Closed Comb comes with five free blades includes instructions and advices for best wet shaving experience.

6. MÜHLE Traditional Tortoiseshell (Faux) chrome safety razor

  • Type: Open Comb
  • Made in: Germany
  • Material used: Chrome

Manufactured in Germany, this MÜHLE traditional Tortoiseshell open comb safety razor is made for wet shaver. If you are a beginner, be careful with this razor because it is more aggressive than others.

This is a classic safety razor, my best advice is using with more lather shaving cream  to achieve a best close shave.

Apart from that, the razor is nice designed and not too heavy. Well, if you want the best result from this razor, then keep the skin pulled tautly, and the blade must work across the skin without giving any pressure.

Astra blades is working best with this razor.

7. MÜHLE Traditional Grande

  • Type: Closed Comb
  • Made in: Germany
  • Material used: High grade resin

MÜHLE is quite a well-known brand for its Razors. This razor is very much considered by numerous wet shaving enthusiasts due to it’s well designed balance with the length and weight of handle. The special design of blade angle and closed tooth comb gives you good closest shave experience

If you talk about its weight, it is lighter in weight and it isn’t well crafted as compared to other razors. But for under $100, its very affordable razor and suitable for most beginner shaver.

The company  is a member of Environmental Alliance of Saxony which helps to reduce plastic and use materials from sustainable source to protect the environment.

8. Van Der Hagen Double Edge razor

  • Type: Butterfly (one piece)
  • Made in: China
  • Material used: Chrome-plated

Van Der Hagen Butterly razor is the product of China-made with plated chrome is one of the most affordable set that will offer you perfect shaving experience.

If you talk about the whole set of safety razors, then it comes with the world-class quality non-slip razor and 5 stainless steel double edge razor. However, talking about grip no other safety razor can beat the control and accuracy of this razor. Its 8 mm handle has the power to reach the challenging areas of the face without any cuts and nicks.

Besides, the five sharp replaceable blades of this razor are manufactured in Germany, which is skin-friendly. Giving the nice close shave without irritation.

9. Feather Double Edge

  • Type: Butterfly
  • Made in: Japan
  • Material used: Metal

The Feather Double edge safety razor is one of the efficient safety razors that opened like a butterfly. It is designed very carefully by experts from Japan with high quality metal.

The best part, this razor is the blend of technology and artistry, making it the best choice for the shavers. If you talk about the head, it is perfectly designed for both medium and sensitive skin.

The butterfly opening is making this Feather double edge razor more attractive. Moreover, if you talk about blades, they are securely held with a metal post. Feather is manufacturing premium quality razors for over 85 years and still keeping in upgrade new technology to improve the razors.

Feather is the most recommended brand for high quality cutting tools in barber and beauty industry.

10. Merkur Futur Adjustable safety razor

  • Type: Adjustable double edge razor
  • Made in: Germany
  • Material used: Platinum/chrome

Merkur Futur Adjustable safety razor is made in Solingen, Germany, with the high-quality material called Platinum. It is the sleekest and longest safety razor in the market for men with extended hands. Apart from that, it has six different levels of adjustment so that you will get a perfect comfortable shave.

However, there is one factor that is making this razor different from other razors is its weight that is 4.3 oz. This means weight has the power to climb the ladder of setting and making the shaving experience perfect easily.

Different types of double edge safety razors you should know.

1.One Piece (Butterfly Double-Edge Safety Razors)

One-Piece Safety Razors, also called Butterfly Razors, have a mechanism that allows the blade head to open like two little doors that cover and secure the blade.

Typically, these razors have a knob at the bottom of the handle that twists to open or close the headpiece. Some designs allow you to twist the entire handle to open this mechanism.

Butterfly Double-Edge Safety Razors originally became popular because of how easy it is to replace the blade.

The downside of owning this type of safety razor is that their moving parts have a tendency to break more easily than other designs.

Also, because of these delicate parts and the tight fit involved in the Butterfly head, these razors are harder to clean and get dirtier faster.

2. Two-Piece Systems double edge razor

What is a Two-Piece System razor? The two-piece system refers to a type of safety razor designed to have the blade head unscrew from the handle to make exchanging old blades for new ones fast and easy. The blade head is comprised of the blades themselves and a threaded bar that inserts into the handle and screws into the handle, securing the head.

At the bottom of the handle is a knob that works like a nut to screw the blade head onto the handle. Two-piece design is preferred by most wet shavers because you do not have to handle the blade, unlike a three-piece safety razor.

Replacing a blade on a two-piece safety razor is harder than a butterfly open safety razor but, its two-piece design makes it easier to switch-out than the three-piece design.

Maintaining and cleaning the two-piece is much easier compared to a butterfly open safety razor, but because the safety bar and lower headpiece are permanently attached to the handle, it tends to be more challenging than a three-piece safety razor. Soap scum and other residue can become caught in the interior of the handle, making it almost impossible to keep the razor clean.

While the two-piece design may not have as many moving parts as other safety razors, the threads and the knob at the bottom can wear out over time. Take care not to over-tighten the headpiece as this will inevitably cause damage over the lifetime of the razor.

3. Three-Piece Safety Razors

Three-Piece safety razors are the most popular type and the design you will see most often. The earliest models were made popular by Gillette in the early 1900s. Similar to the two-piece safety razor, the blade head is secured to the handle with a long bolt, except the base of the head also detaches from the handle.

The three pieces are the base of the head, the top of the blade head, and the handle. The popularity of the Three-Piece Safety Razor is due to its ingenious construction. Without the hole going through the entirety of the handle, like the two-piece razor, they are much easier to clean and maintain.

The downside of this construction is that blade replacement is more difficult than either a two-piece razor or a butterfly open safety razor. Because the blade comes free, you will have to handle it with your hands much more than the others. Aligning the blade can also be a major issue on a three-piece safety razor when compared to the other two types.

4. Straight Bar & Slant Bar Head

These two types of razors employ a safety bar to relieve pressure from the blade. The safety bar essentially works as a guard, adding surface area to the cutting edge and keeping the blade from being the only thing against your skin.

The Straight Bar construction is the most common design for a safety razor. Approximately 90% of all safety razors use a Straight Bar design. As the name suggests, this safety bar is straight. This design may also be called a ‘closed comb’ construction.

Slant Bar designs employ a safety bar that is slightly angled or ‘tilted.’ This angular construction makes it much easier for your blade to slice through the hairs and often provides a closer shave. Typically, we would recommend a Slant Bar Razor for a man with a tougher beard. The Slant Bar Razor may require a bit more finesse than the Straight Bar, but with a little practice, you’ll get a close shave every time.

5. Adjustable Double-Edge Safety Razor

The ‘Adjustable’ in Adjustable Double-Edge Safety Razor refers to the ability to alter the distance of the safety bar from the blade. Typically, an Adjustable Safety Razor has a rotating mechanism on the handle that twists to adjust the height of the safety bar moving nearer or farther away from the blade. This adjustability helps to customize the aggressiveness of the shave and tailor the experience to the user.

6. Open Comb Head

Open Comb Razors are typically recommended for men with thicker beards. Like a straight bar razor, the Open Comb has a safety bar, but unlike the straight bar, it has teeth like a comb. This comb-like design helps to create space between the blade and your skin, allowing you to put more pressure behind the blade while shaving.

What are benefits of switching to safety razor for shaving?

  1. You could shave off a full beard easily with safety razor. Of course, you could take off full beard with cartridge or electric razor but you will notice some tugging. Due to the multi blade of cartridge are close together so it makes difficult for a perfect close and clean shave.
  2. Many guys said that using safety razors help to reduce redness, irritation, acnes and ingrowth hair. The razor blade is much sharper than cartridge blade. Adding with shaving cream and a brush, you can have a best shaving experience without nicks or cuts.
  3. Safety razor is more environment friendly and cost effective than other razor types. With a high quality blade could last for up to 5 to 10 smooth shaves. A box of 100 Astra superior platinum costs $10 from Amazon and you can get a year worth of shave.

How to shave with double edge safety razors?

1.Knowing your hair growth direction

If you are experience with your beard you can easy to know your beard growth direction by hand checking your face, neck and chin. It’s very helpful to understand growth direction so that you can have a perfect close shave.

If you don’t know how to check your bread growth direction. Then let the hair grow for couple days and take a picture of your face, neck and chin. Draw your face down on the paper then draw arrows to indicate your hair grow direction.

2. Getting your face ready.

Shaving after your warm shower or Using a hot towel to apply on your beard for approximately 30 seconds.

3. Apply a best shaving cream for your skin type.

The best shaving cream is playing very important role for double edge safety razor shave. It helps to soften your hair and skin for gliding across your face easier. For best comfortable shave without irritation and redness, you need a brush to make a good quality lather.

4. Holding the razor at 30° angle using short strokes of 1-3cm in length.

To avoid nicks and cuts, you need to keep the razors about 30° angle to your skin which stop the blade from making direct touch with your skin. It also works effectively to use short strokes of 1-3cm in length. 

5. Shaving in hair growth direction

While shaving in the direction of your hair growth may not make the best closest shave. But it’s best way to reduce the causes of irritation.

6. For the best closest shave.

There are two sides of double edge safety razor. So, you don’t need to keep rinsing the razor after a shave, just simply flip over then you have a new blade.

After the first shave in the direction of hair growth. To achieve a good close shave you should apply new layer of lather and complete a second pass by shaving across the growth direction.

7. Finishing step

Rinsing your face and pat dry with a cloths or towel then apply aftershave cream or oil to moisturize the skin. 

Closing Thoughts

Of the six varieties of Double-Edged Safety Razors covered in this article, we’ve seen both positives and negatives. Some, like the two-piece razor, are hard to clean, and some like the slant bar design help us achieve a closer shave.

Whatever it is you’re looking for, just remember, shaving doesn’t have to be a chore. With a little trial and error, you can find the right razor for you and elevate your shave.