5 Best quality Straight razor of all time

best straight razor of all time
best straight razor of all time





DOVO 5/8" full hollowed Swedish steel straight razor

DOVO 6 1/4" closed. 3" carbon steel  with "Prima Silver Steel" blade

DOVO 3" gold washed, acid etched carbon steel razor blade with "Solingen" blade

Timor Straight Razor Plum Wood 3/8" closed. carbon steel blade etched "Deluxe"

Naked Armor Straight Razor, Silver Merlin, Barber Approved For Magic Straight Razor Shaving

I know what you’re thinking, aren’t Straight Razors what Sweeney Todd used to murder people? That’s correct, and Straight Razors can be dangerous, but they will also help you to achieve the closest and cleanest shave of your life. But, you’re right, safety first.

There are a few things you’ll need to know before you get started to buy a straight razor. After reading this article, you will be confident in your knowledge. After a little practice, you’ll be confident in your skills. 

Table of contents
1. How to Shave with a Straight Razor
2. Pro Tips for Shaving with a Straight Razor
3. Top 5 best Straight Razors be inspired by Elegance and Craftsmanship
4. How to Sharpen or Hone a Straight Razor.
5. Tips for Maintaining your Razor’s Edge
6. FAQ

Everything You Need to Know About Straight Razors

First Things First

Take time to prepare your face. A good skincare regimen is an integral part of having a consistently great shave.

Before you shave, you should always take a nice warm shower. Washing your beard will remove most of its natural oils. A wet beard is best for shaving, so there’s no need to dry it beforehand.

If you don’t want to take a shower, it’s perfectly fine to splash warm water on your face first. Or, if you prefer to pamper yourself, hold a warm towel against your face.

How to Shave With a Straight Razor:

Shaving with a Straight Razor is a technical skill that requires practice. As we all know, putting a sharp blade against your throat can be dangerous, learning to shave isn’t difficult. Getting that super clean shave takes time, and it’s worth taking the time to do it right.

Step-By-Step Instructions:


For this, you’ll need a lather brush and cup. First, soak your brush in hot water. Don’t overboard with shaving cream, you can even use soap, and mix it to a good ‘lather’ with your brush.

Using the brush, cover the area you plan to shave completely. Take a second and let the lather stand on your face for a minute or two before shaving.


This is the important part. Holding your razor properly will make all the difference in your shave.

Every Straight Razor folds into handle scales like an average pocketknife. The blade has a firm spine and a long, exposed tang ending in a tail that hangs out from the scales.

Shaving with a Straight Razor takes a delicate touch. Flipping open the blade, fold the scales back out of your way and grasp the tang between your thumb and first three fingers of your dominant hand. Hold the scales back out of your way by placing your little finger on the tail.

Holding your razor this way will not only help you get the correct angle for a close shave but also give you the greatest level of control.


Just like holding a pencil or using any tool, everyone has their own way of doing things. After some time and practice, you’ll find the way that works best for you.

Best Tips for Shaving with a Straight razor for beginner


Keep your razor at about a thirty-degree-angle with your face. Follow the direction that your beard grows.

Move slowly and use a delicate hand while shaving. The blade is sharp, let it do the work rather than your muscles.

Let’s get them cheeks. Using your free hand, gently pull the skin of your cheek upward to make a smooth shaving surface.

Move the blade slowly down half of your cheek, follow the blade down with the finger stretching your skin, and repeat the process as you move down.

Shifting from back to front, shave the remaining half of your cheek just like the first.

Repeat on the other cheek.

Next, move to your upper lip. Just like your cheeks, you won’t to gently stretch the skin of your lip.

Pulling down this time, create the same smooth shaving surface, and shave downward again.

Lastly, shave your chin and neck. Stretching the lower lip upward this time, shave your chin with the same downward stroke.

Then, tilt your head back, pushing chin upward, gently pull the skin down and shave with the grain again.

For the Cleanest Shave: Take three passes with the Straight Razor.

  1. Shave With the Grain
  2. Shave Across the Grain
  3. Shave Against the Grain

Don’t forget to apply a moisturizer or aftershave when you finish. Remember, skincare is important.

Top 5 best Straight Razors be inspired by Elegance and Craftsmanship

Best straight razor Blade holder for DOVO Shavette
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1. Dovo Solingen closed gold washed, acid etched carbon steel razor blade.

The material used- Carbon Steel

Again another product of Dovo made in Solingen, Germany, makes you enjoy the quality and comfort with a remarkable finish. The design is absolutely beautiful.

Ready to shave from out of the box with perfect sharp blade.

This time Dovo comes up with a longer blade so that your shaving experience will closely resemble a straight razor.

Overall the blade is exceptionally excellent with a Pearlex handle for reliability and long-lasting performance.

Moreover, the blade and scales are of outstanding quality that doesn’t hurt offering smooth shave.  With a good care, it’s very perfectly last for a long time.

Naked Armor Stainless Steel Straight Razor Silver Merlin
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2. Naked Armor Stainless Steel Straight Razor Silver Merlin

The material used- Japanese Stainless Steel

The Merlin straight razor delivers perfect ready to shave out from the box . The blade and handle are made from Japanese lightweight stainless steel that will not get rust over time.

This razor comes with luxury gift box and leather case so that makes it perfect gift for your dear ones like dad, son, husband, brother. Moreover, it is very highly durable and long-lasting razor, which only needs stropping before every use. Look great and also feel good after shaving from this razor make sure that you use shaving cream or soaps.

Best dovo straight razor for beginner
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3. DOVO Black. 6 1/4″ closed “Prima Silver Steel” blade

The material used for Blade Carbon steel

This Dovo Straight Razor is one of the excellent and affordable choices for beginners. Being the low priced razor, it delivers impressive results with its carbon steel blades edge. These carbon steel blades are made up of premium quality Solingen that cuts facial hairs finely and efficiently.

Apart from that, the Cellidor handle is polished with excellent effects so that it remains being firm under fingers control. In addition to it, the depth of the full hollow carbon blade is 5/8″. Not to mention, make sure that you strop the edge before doing shave.

NOTE: Due to the high carbon steel, you MUST keep the razor dry all time. The Dove Straight razor is very sharp for the beginner start slow with one stroke at a time and always use shaving cream to avoid rash, burns.

Timor Best straight razor for beginner
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4. Timor Straight Razor Wood Dark Plum

The material used: Carbon steel

Manufactured in Solingen, Germany, this Timor Straight razor has a carbon steel blade with dark plum wood handles.

The best part is, the blade comes pre-sharpened, and before every use, you have to hone for a perfect finish. And make sure that you sharp it first before use it.

If you talk about the quality of Timor Razor, this razor is very nice solid classic look with high quality steel will definitely give you a decent shave.

Dovo Solingen full hollowed Swedish Carbon steel Straight razor
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5. Dovo Solingen full hollowed Swedish Carbon steel Straight razor

The material used: Fine Swedish Steel/ Carbon steel

This beautiful and well extremely constructed razor from  Dovo is worth every dollar. The razor is ready right out of the box with very sharp blade.

They manufacture all their products with high precision and craftsmanship. If you talk about this Dovo Straight Razor, it is made of a hollow ground blade that is 5/8″. It delivers the most exceptional closest shaving experience with a smooth finish.

Furthermore, an ebony wooden handle and prima silver steel blade seems like an art designed razor. It comes in a blue shade metal gift box for easy portability.

How to Sharpen or Hone a Straight Razor:

To sharpen your Straight Razor, you will need a ‘honing stone.’ Honing stones are similar to a whetstone for any knife. Typically, a honing stone will be a gritty black rectangular stone that rests flat on a table or counter.

You can pick one up in a range grits, and the higher the grit number, the finer the stone. If you’re starting with a dull blade, you’ll want to begin with a lower grit and progressively move to a finer grit with each subsequent sharpening.

Begin by wetting the stone and make sure the surface is clean and lay it down flat. To sharpen, place the blade against the stone with the blade facing you and pull the razor towards you at a slight angle with a long smooth motion. Do not bare down too hard as you sharpen. Let the honing stone do the work for you.

To sharpen the other side, turn the blade over, making sure to keep the blade’s edge flat against the stone and push it forward across the stone. Again, make sure not to apply too much pressure. Continue these long, smooth strokes back-and-forth until the edge is ‘razor-sharp.’

If you hone your razor regularly, you won’t need to sharpen too often. Of course, as you become more comfortable and confident in your own sharpening, you’ll begin to recognize when to sharpen it.

How sharp the blade needs to be is entirely up to you and your preference. The density and coarseness of your beard hair and how regularly you shave will help determine how long your razor holds its edge.

Tips for Maintaining Your Razor’s Edge

Maintaining a Straight Razor is also called ‘honing’ a razor. Honing your Straight Razor is one of the most important parts of keeping your razor’s edge true and straight. This will help you the best shave out of your razor.

For this, you will need a leather strop. The strop has two sides. One side is leather, and the other is a coarse fabric. The coarse fabric side will lightly sharpen the blade between sharpening with a honing stone. Running the blade edge along the leather help to keep the edge straight and remove any warps in your edge.

Cleaning your razor after each use and making sure that it is dry when you close it up is the best way to keep it in good condition. This will prevent corrosion and rust from building on the blade.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long will a Straight Razor Last ?

Unlike those crumby cartridge razors you get at the store, a quality Straight Razor is like a knife. It can last a lifetime if properly maintained.

Why should I Shave with a Straight Razor ?

Shaving with a Straight Razor requires a more delicate and practiced hand than shaving with a cartridge razor, but with practice, you will get a much closer shave. The closeness of your shave keeps your shadow/scruff at bay and keeps you looking smooth all day.
Using a Straight Razor also forces you to take extra care in shaving. It becomes an enjoyable part of your self-care regimen, and you’ll be proud of your new skills.