Top 5 Best Aftershaves for men 2020

best aftershaves for men
top 5 best aftershaves for men 2020

What does aftershave do?

Shaving is dragging a sharp blade across over your skin which does not only removes hairs but also the top layer of skin. Leaving a raw and unprotected skin that could potential causes of facial scabs.  

Aftershave is made to smooth the new skin layer. Aftershave may contain alcohol or aromatic oils which act as antiseptic to clean any cuts and protect facial skin against bacteria.

In today market, aftershave products are not only focus on smoothing and moisturizing also creating masculine scent and cooling effects. More and more natural ingredients have been formulated to make better effective aftershave product for men.

How do you choose an aftershave?

There isn’t a single product that is suitable for everyone. Depending on your facial skin type, you should choose an aftershave that performs best for your skin. Here are some things you should know before purchasing an aftershave.

Oily skin:

Just touch your face a short time after washing. If you can feel the oils then you know that you have oily skin. You need to look into 2 main ingredients in aftershave. First, Alcohol will help to clear the oils. Second, an aftershave contains natural moisturizers that will help to rehydrate your skin to balance the natural oil. Glycerin is one thing you should look for in the ingredient list.

Dry skin:

Avoid all alcohol ingredients in aftershave because alcohol can make your dry skin get worse by stripping the natural skin oils. Natural oils like hazelnut and almond benefit for all dry skin types. Beware of astringent, Witch hazel acts as an astringent to heal and repair skin cells but overuse astringent can cause drying skin and redness.

Sensitive skin:

Avoid all harmful chemical product (paraben) and check for product that have most natural ingredients. Avoid all synthetic fragrances, if you love scent then go for natural essential oils. My advice, Lavender and rose do not cause skin irritations. Some aftershave has tested with sensitive skin before they release on the market. All tested aftershave product will be label on the bottle.  

5 Best Aftershave products for men

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Aqua Velva Men’s

The Aqua Velva Men’s aftershave provides men with a soothing and refreshing solution for their bodies after shaving. If you are a man on the go, you will enjoy using this product. It provides you with quality fragrance all through the day in a classic manner and works well as an after shaving lotion that firms your skin and provides it with a masculine tine. There are no harsh chemicals or harmful artificial fragrances is used in the product. Applying a little bit of it onto the areas you have shaved and gently rubbing it in.


  • Has no harsh chemicals, so side effects to deal with.
  • Great manly scent.
  • Affordable price.

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Gillette After Shave Gel

The Gillette After Shave Gel is a unique product that makes shaving less of literal pain. It provides you with an instant cooling reaction and works to provide your shaved skin with a refreshed feeling. It provides your skin with a slightly fragranced feeling after every shape and also a long-lasting cooling effect. It is a non-greasy product that is easily absorbed into your skin and does a recommendable job calming and soothing the skin. It is ideal for your skin after a shaving session and works best for sensitive skin types.


  • Highly effective for all skin type especially for sensitive skin.
  • Provides a refreshing and soothing effect.
  • Smell amazing (not overwhelming scent)
  • No Sticky and greasy, a small amount goes a long way.
  • Very affordable price.

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Clubman after shave lotion.

The Clubman aftershave product might just be what you need for the best experience after shaving. It provides your skin with effects that you will surely enjoy after a shaving session. It has ingredients that are effective in providing your skin with a cooling and exhilarating effect. It is also ideal for smoothening the skin and providing it with a suave and masculine fragrance that is much admired by men.


  • It is highly effective in providing you with soothing effect after shaving
  • The ingredients do not pose any side effects or dangers.
  • Old school manly scent.

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Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm

The Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm is a product that provides your skin with a moisturizing effect after a shaving session. It is manufactured from vitamin E, Chamomile and Witch Hazel that work to soothe the skin and relieve it from irritations that are common after shaving. They are also ideal for improving the condition of the skin for a significant period of time after using the product. The results are quite recommendable as the skin will be healthier and much comfortable and smoother than before.


  • Provides a soothing effect for your skin.
  • This Nivea Men Balm have been tested for men with sensitive skin.
  • Moisturizes the skin.
  • Good price and a bottle could last up to 6 months

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Best After Shave Balm

The Best After Shave Balm provides relieving effects after a shaving session that you will surely want to use it more and more. It works to protect you from common irritation that is caused after a shaving session and also razor burn that is quite uncomfortable. The product also works for the moisturizing of your skin, and the results are a refreshed face that is healthier, smooth and provides your skin with the much-needed glow.


  • Provides the perfect finish after a shaving session
  • A little goes a long way
  • Stop the burning and irritation feel.