Top 10 best cartridge razors to buy in 2020 for Men

Best cartridge razors for men
Best cartridge razors for men

Cartridge razors are the most popular option on the market. Due to it is safe and easy to use for everyone without cuts or nicks. You don’t need to learn a master skill to use cartridge razor.

Modern cartridge razors have been improved a lot to offer a better and comfortable shaving experience. Such as, new blades and handle technology allow you to have better control the razor blade movement without slipping or cutting yourself.

Adding lubrication strip on the razor helps to moisturize the skin and reduce the risk of ingrown hair, redness and razor burns.

Moreover, to experience the best shaving with cartridge razors, you will need to apply a true lather from shave cream as well. It will provide you a great closeness of shave without damage your skin.

Here is the list of best recommended razors.

Gillette mach 3 best cartridge razors

Gillette Mach 3

According to Gillette each refill cans last up to 15 shaves.

The three thinnest blades are stronger than steel and remain sharper better for a close and comfortable shave.

Best reasonably price for a good quality razor on the market.

There is a lubrication strip on top of the razor to help protect your skin and provide a great glide.

Solimo 5 best cartridge razors

Solimo 5 Blade MotionSphere Razor

Dual Lubrication trips with vitamin E help to protect your skin from irritation and razor bumps.

Easy to raise the blades with warm water.

5 Blade motionsphere razor is designed to help you have a great clean and close shave.

Good and cheapest 5 blade razor on the market.

The handle is comfortable and sturdy which helps the blades move around a lot easier while you shave.

For better experience, it works well with the same Solimo Shaving cream

Gillette fusion 5 best cartridge razor

Gillette fusion5 Proshield

One of the most popular of cartridge razor on the market.

Best razor features:

The thinnest and finest blades to glide through hair easier with less effort.

The Precision Trimmer helps to reach out for hard to access areas of facial hair.

Lubrication helps to moisturize and shield you skin from irritation.

1 refill blade lasts for one month of shaves according to Gillette.

5 Anti friction blades give a comfortable and smooth shave

FlexBall Technology is designed to special shape for a best close shave with less missed hairs.

Schick hydro 5 best cartridge razor

Schick Hydro 5

Compare to Gillette, this razor is cheaper with the same performance.

The 4-1 performances delivery everything you need for cutting efficiency.

Never worry about cutting yourself. Because the Shock Absorb Technology which auto adjusts pressure while you shave.

The gel instant lubrication is formulated from coconut oils and herbal extracts to protect your skin from irritation.

The Flip trimmer is designed to easy reach out for hard to access areas.

Personna best cartridge razor

Personna men’s 5 blade razor system

Made by the first company that brought safety razor to US market. With 135 years history of developing shaving technology, Personna offers the best razors that most men can trust in modern day.

This high quality American heritage razors are selling very economical price.

The lubrication strip is made from vitamin E and aloe to smooth the shave and stop redness.

It may not as good as Gillette but it is sharp and easy to use, well worth the money. (less than $2 per cartridge).

BIC Flex 5 best cartridge razor

BIC Flex 5 disposable razor   

Say ‘good bye’ to cuts and nicks after using this razor.

The ergonomic handle helps you to have a better control shaving.

The balancing sphere feature helps a lot by adding weight for comfortable shave.

A Precision edging blade allows you to access to hard reach out areas like nose and sideburns.

5 contours adjusting blades brings a good shape and solid shave.

Dorca Pace 7 best cartridge razor

Dorca Pace 7

The world first 7 blade razor is designed by Dorco Pace 7 to offer the most comfortable shave for all men.

The lubrication trip is made from Argan oil and Calendula extract to moisturize the skin and protect sensitive skin from inflammation.

Ergonomic handle allows you to control and move your hand easier with less effort glide on your skin.

Due to the 7 blades you may have to rinse more offer while shaving. But you will experience a good cutting shave with those 7 little blades razor.

The wet technology allows you to use in the shower without slipping.

A package comes with one handle and 10 long lasting cartridges at an affordable price.

Swipe best cartridge razor


Great premium stainless steel 6 blade razor provides excellent close shave.  In addition, trimming blade helps to cut the hair around nose, goatees and sideburns.

 With the ergonomic handle and pivot head help to maximize your movement control without slipping.

This is the national premium brand of South Korea and has been distributed around the world.

Lubricating strip makes your shave smooth and protect skin from irritation.

A package comes with 24 refills can last for very long time.

It is very cheap compare to other cartridge razors.

Dorco Pace 6 Best cartridge razor

Dorco Pace 6

The word first revolutionary of 6 blades razor is made by Dorco.

Lubrication trip is made from olive oil and Chamomile to soothe the skin and protect from redness or inflammation.

The 6 blades features combine with lubrication strip give you the best close shave experience without cuts, nicks, or scratches.

Very good value for everyday shaver. A package comes with 10 cartridges can last for very long time.

Although, it will be a little bit hard to rinse due to 6 blades but you will have a good clean without much effort for dragging into your skin.

Ultimate best cartridge razor

Ultimate Shave

The best value for American made 5 blade razor you can find on the market. It offers same performance with cheaper price that you won’t be disappointed.

Perfect weight and balance with a single aloe strip on top of the razor allow you to have a great comfortable shave without slipping.

A quick release button makes a lot easier to change the blades. The kit comes with a free handle and bulk of 12 ceramic coated cartridges.

What are the advantage to shave with modern cartridge razor?

Cartridge razor is referring to modern multiple blade disposable razors that have been so popular today. Beside the huge amount spending on marketing , there are some real benefit from cartridge razor you should know.

First, You don’t need to learn how to use the cartridge razor, just open the box and few minutes of reading the manufacture guide then you will good to go.

Second, with Safety Razor you will need to use soaps or shaving creams for lathering. But for cartridge razor, the modern canned foams become a convenient choice. And both are working good together for saving shave time.

Finally, to shave with modern razor and canned foam will take about 5 to 10 minutes. It’s not gonna give you the best close shave but it’s very convenience for a busy person.